Midi Pack V2 - Chord Progressions, Melodies for Future Bass
Midi Pack V2 - Chord Progressions, Melodies for Future Bass

Midi Pack V2 - Chord Progressions, Melodies for Future Bass

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FUTURE BASS Chords MIDI Pack (now available in Version 1.0) featuring more than 350+ quality MIDI files we created along the way with our productions and Youtube tutorials.

Save valuable production time with these ready to use chords, leads, hi-hats and snare-rolls, designed at 90 BPM.


Read first: Description & Specifications

  • The package contains around 350+ high quality MIDI files, including chord progressions (pads), plucks, arpeggios, leads, drums, snare-rolls and bass midis.
  • Check out the demo playback above, to get an idea how the chords might sound. 
  • Especially the drum and snare-roll MIDIs are a lot of fun to play around with and save huge amounts of time!
  • You don't need to have any specific software installed. MIDI Pack works with every DAW.
  • Delivery: You will be getting a zipped file. After your purchase, your personal download link will be available online and also sent to your email.
  • The MIDIs are organized and named in two principal keys: A-Minor and C-Major. So they are very easy to use and combine. Feel free to transpose any Midi file to your specific needs (select all midi files and hit arrow key up/down on your keyboard).
  • Overall, the pack includes more than 100 pre-designed chord progressions for all types of moods and compositions and overall more than 350+ quality MIDI files.


    List of contents:
    • 102 Chord Progressions Midis
    • 043 Bass MIDIs
    • 027 Pluck Midis
    • 057 Lead / Melody Midis
    • 044 Arp Midis
    • 084 Drums & Percussions


    Feel free to use those MIDI files as starting point for your productions or inspiration.


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